Customs clearance and import to Iran is our specialty

Export & Import & Clearance

From all Iranian Customs

Nil Trading Company is located at Europe Gate to Iran


The export of goods has a few steps we have done for you, we export your goods as soon as possible and at the lowest price by a strong Tejarat Joyan team.


Gumrukleme is one of the most important steps in importing products to a country.
With its expert staff, the trade joyan team can do all the stages of your vacancy in the least time and at the lowest cost.


Imports around the world require knowledge and certainty about the laws of that country. In addition, this experience can help you. We have to open your hands.

_______________About the company

nil Trade International Trading Company has been operating on the basis of experience and perseverance, relying on the Supreme God since 2006. Now, after years of hard work and constant pride in working with large and small companies with rich work experience and literacy, we are ready to serve your loved ones.

The complex, currently operated by Mr. Adel Mohammari, is proud to serve all importers and manufacturers in the trade field, in particular the customs and border markets and the import of goods.

By working closely with our customers, we will take steps to facilitate and speed up the time-consuming and costly process of the customs administration.

Address & Phone

Iran- West Azerbaijan – Maku  Free Zone – Bazargan (Iran-Turkey border) -Next to the Customs – by Mellat Bank’s next – Karimzadeh Mall

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